Types of Movie Monster

First there is the monster that became the way he is for no fault of his own. Like Dracula, who was cursed after he rebelled after God for taking his wife from him. Or Frankenstein, who was just animated dead tissue created in a laboratory. They didn’t ask to become what they were, so we can of feel sorry for them; even pulling for them times when the villagers are gathering. We find through various portrayals that they have a soft side, and we pity their monstrosity.

Then there is the human monster, who kills because of some injustice brought on him/her through childhood or adolescence. They take out their pain on others by picking them off one by one. Norman Bates was abused by his mother, until he killed her. He then felt such guilt, that he took on her persona and killed through her so called outlook at the world. When he was himself, he felt shame for what had happened and did what he could to remedy the situation. At least he had a good side, Michael Meyers and Jason Voorhees just took their anger out cold heartedly on every one of their victims.

They were purely sociopaths, and didn’t utter a word through their entire reign of terror. When attacked, they never seemed to flinch or even feel any pain. That was what made them so scary. They just kept coming and coming; no matter what. What made them truly amazing was that they could completely disappear after their spree, and no one could find them. What did they do, got out and get jobs?

michael meyers

Next, just like my previous post, comes the supernatural serial killer. These animals share the same cruelty of their human counterparts, only they exist in another realm. Freddy Krueger and Pinhead lived in the world of the mind and dreams, away from normal human perception. They attacked their prey through their minds, which proved just as deadly as did their human counterparts. They were even harder to kill, and escaped more easily in other “dimensions”. The latter versions were on a mystical quest to change humanity because of their sins, but the cruelty was the same.

Next, just plain old ghosts. Enter the age of demons and spirits who are restless in their realm, and wish to mess with us people. Their narratives get weaker though, and we lose track of their true aim with their taunts. Some are conjured through incantations, and others just seem to follow certain life forces around trying to have a connection with us humans. With the latest advances in CGI, the need for a true story has gone out the window in lieu of flash and shock.



I would like to see the old characters come back more often. They did do a Frankenstein with Robert de Niro that was pretty good, but there needs to be a true story behind the creature. So we can join the two sides of loving him or hating him. When we get back to true story, and away from the effects a little more, there will be room for new forms of monsters and creatures that develop and warm their way into the dark side of our hearts.